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Requirements for Modern Quilts Sampler Block
July 2019

  • For a 6 inch finished block you will need an 8½ inch square of plain, background fabric (calico/cream probably best)
  • For a 12 inch finished block start with a 14½ inch square of fabric.
  • Ruler, cutter and board – you can share them.
  • Brightly coloured plain fabrics for the actual star but do not go out and buy anything – this is a trial piece. You will need pieces about 6 inches square, but do not cut out beforehand, you might use less, or bring one fabric and have a two-coloured star (cream and your chosen colour). You will be cutting 8 triangles in total. If your fabric is the same colour on both sides, it will make life much easier.
  • Sewing needles, thread, pins and scissors.


Montague Christmas Challenge 2019
Blue Hexagon Happy

Blue Although other colours can be used it is expected that the colour of the finished item will be predominately blue.

Hexagon The completed item made can be hexagonal in overall shape. If not then the item must include several hexagonal shapes within it.

Happy The dictionary definition is “Feeling or showing contentment or pleasure.

Good luck ladies, look forward to your unique designs!


Photos of our 2018 exhibition are available here


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Title image part of “Happy New Home” by Glenys White