Coronovirus Journal Quilt Challenge

The members’ challenge has now ended but you can make or continue to make journal quilts in the future months. Please feel free to make any or all of the challenges for when we eventually meet up so we have a Show and Tell ready to go.

Week 1 /2 beginning 28th March and 4th April 2020 Number 1
Second photo
Photo number 3
Photo number 4
Photo number 5

Make one small quilt approx. A4 size (9 by 12 inches) either landscape or portrait orientation inspired by the above photograph. You can choose any aspect of this image from which to design and make your quilt. The only rules are that you must not discuss your ideas with any other member. The quilt must consist of 3 layers with edges finished by any method you choose. Place a label on the back with the name of the quilt, your name and the number of the photograph from which you took inspiration. You can choose any method of quilting and patchwork for each of your quilts. You will have 2 weeks to make your 1st quilt and then photograph and show on our Facebook page in 3rd week starting 11th April 2020.

The 2nd and 3rd photographs will be uploaded on 18th April and 9th May 2020. You will have 2 weeks to make each quilt with 1 week show and tell on Facebook page weeks beginning 2nd May and 23rd May 2020 . Each person will have made 3 small quilts at the end of 9 weeks. We can then decide whether to carry on or change the challenge. Anyone can join in at any stage of the challenge and if you cannot upload images on the Facebook page don’t forget we will all get to see all the quilts at a show and tell when we meet in person again. It will not be possible to put photographs on Montague Patchers Website. It might be a good idea to keep a workbook of your design ideas and quilting methods chosen for each quilt for future reference.

Quilt number 4 to be made exactly as above for quilts 1-3. The next Show and Tell will be on the Facebook page from Saturday 13th May 2020.

Quilt number 5 show and tell will take place on the week beginning Saturday 4th July 2020.

Pauline M Mills